Why our scrunchies ROCK...

•HANDMADE in Upstate NY - each scrunchie is made by hand in Corning, NY with care and attention to detail.

•STRONG HOLD - lightweight, plush, textured fabric and exra strength elastic for a high performance hold.

•NO DAMAGE - comfortable, secure hold and easy, snag-free removal. annoying hair crease? nope.

•AWESOME VOLUME - the plush, lightweight fabric gives a great volume boost!

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What's your Tempo?

MINI - Great for less thick, shorter hair.

CLASSIC - Great for medium, thick hair.

CLASSIC (+) - Great for ultra thick, longer and/or curly hair.

*Descriptions are suggestions. Use based on preference for scrunchie strength and size*

"FEELIN' LUCKY" St. Patty's Day scrunchies just dropped!


• Confluence Running - Corning, NY

• K. Rae Salon + Spa - Corning, NY

• Ruthies Run - Lake Placid, NY

• Colorado Running Co. - Colorado Springs, CO

• The Sneaker Store - Utica, NY


I'm Aria, the owner of Tempo Scrunchie Co. and lover of scrunchies! As a marathon runner with lots of hair, I needed something with more "strength and endurance." So, I was inspired to create a line of high performance scrunchies in fun, groovy colors (that's what makes you faster, right?)
In marathon training, a "Tempo" or "Threshold" style workout typically refers to longer durations of a "comfortably uncomfortable" interval. It's the sweet spot where you get to "feel the burn" and you know you're getting stronger. It's not always about a pace but about tuning in to how YOU feel. This is my favorite workout structure and so it was a perfectly fit name for the business.
Tempo Scrunchie Co. began in March, 2021 to be your "go-to" for any running, workouts or adventures.
"Rock your Tempo!"
- Aria

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